The Art Of Me

About us:

The wonderful significance behind the name Blue Rose of New York are Ana Teresa Lourens and Adrian Blue. Ana and Adrian were two young adults trying to overcome their adversity. Unfortunately, Ana (21 years old) and Adrian (18 years old) lost their lives due to gun violence. Forever changing their loved ones lives my sister and best friend made the best of their lives despite the hardship they faced. They are the true definition of a Blue Rose of New York.

Through the challenges I faced in my life it left me broken, lost, and distrustful with people and the world. However, I was extremely fortunate enough to meet several women who seen the seed that was planted in me. These women provided the water and sunlight that was needed in order for me to flourish and blossom into the women that I stand today. I was able to utilize the tools that were given to me and became determined to be the author of my story. It is my passion to assist young girls to overcome their day to day challenges. Also, providing quality services to young girls is an honor.